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Other Paints And Low Cost Aerosols

A range of other paints in stock and ready to ship.

1K Radiator Paint - Any Colour
2K Radiator Paint - Any Colour
Alu Zinc Spray 500ml
Promatic Alu Zinc
Promatic Black High-Temperature Aerosol
Promatic Bumper Spray Paint black
Promatic Bumper Spray Paint Grey
Promatic Chrome Aerosol
Promatic Clear High-Temperature Aerosol
Promatic Red High-Temperature Aerosol
Promatic Silver High Temperature Aerosol
Promatic Stonechip Black
Promatic Stonechip Grey
Promatic Stonechip White
Promatic White High-Temperature Aerosol
Spray Putty 400ml
Steel Wheels 500ml
Underbody Schutz 500ml

If you have any questions regarding our other paints, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01908 991096 or 07793 053282.