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RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange Spray Paint - Litre Tins - Touch Up Pots & Pens

£7.99 - £56.00

Optional Additives

1 Pack (1K) Quantity DiscountsPrice
0 - 9 - 400ml£14.99
10 - 49 - 400ml£13.99
50 - 99 - 400ml£12.99
100 - 199 - 400ml£11.99
200 - 499 - 400ml£10.99
500 - 999 - 400ml£9.99
1000 + - 400ml£8.99

Manufacturer: One Stop Aerosols

Product Code: RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange Paint

Price: £7.99 – £56.00 (GBP)

Condition: New

Availability: In Stock

RGB Colour Code: 255,164,032

Hexadecimal Colour Code: #FFA420

Product Description

RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange is one of the colours from the RAL Fluorescent Colour Chart and comes in three different paint types Cellulose, Acrylic and Synthetic Enamel in either aerosol spray cans, litre tins, touch up and repair pots or paint pens.

All our paint is mixed using the highest quality Lechler paint colours and binders. In supplement to the RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange paint types we also offer a selection of further customisations including hardness level 1 Pack (1K) which doesn't contain the built-in hardener of the 2 Pack (2K) spray paint can.

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Please note – Our RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange aerosol paint cans, litre tins and touch up and repair pots/pens are custom mixed and should be tested before application. We do not take responsibility for any colour difference once you have applied the paint to your surfaces. If the colour is not accurate, please contact us to arrange a return.

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