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Touch Up & Repair Paint Pen - Any Colour

Re-establish your paintwork and bring back to its new condition!

Our Touch Up And Repair Paint pen restores paintwork to its former glory. The mild abrasive formula evens out surface imperfections and removes light scratches and blemishes to give an excellent, flawless finish while keeping their original exemplary colour. Our product is Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and Caravans and can also be used to restore the finish of metal, cladding, laminated woods and plastics.

It will work on the following:

It will not work on the following:

So if over time your car suffers from scrapes and scuffs, tiny chips from loose stones on the road, or your vehicle receives scratches while it is parked up somewhere, or you find that your furniture or other belongings need smoothing or restoring after encountering scratches or blemishes then our Touch Up And Repair Paint Pen is the perfect solution to this.

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