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1K Coating vs 2K Coatings

1K paint is less hard wearing than the 2K alternative. 1K paint is more suitable for items and areas less prone to potential scratches and general wear and tear such as higher cladding panels on a building that do not frequently come into contact with day to day touching and potential damage. 2K paint provides a harder wearing coat more suitable for surfaces that may come into contact with day to day use and heavy access areas.

1K paint has a faster drying time compared to 2k paint and will air dry. This just means that the paint does not require an activator to dry unlike the 2k alternative. One-part products are ready to spray without activation of the self-contained 2K hardener found in the base of the aerosol can.

1K paints typically dry’s faster than 2K paints. 2K means an activator is required to dry/cure, sometimes referred to as a hardener. Once the hardener has been activated you have up to 8 hours to apply the contents before the can becomes unusable. The hardener works by chemically reacting with a catalyst which sets hard to form a very tough finish. An isocyanate hardener is used, so a respirator, gloves and goggles should be used at all times when using 2K aerosols for general health and safety concerns.

Both our 1k and 2k paints have a heat resistant, between 160 - 190 degrees Celsius.

How to activate 2K hardener

How to activate a 2k aerosol

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