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Skoda Car Paint Aerosols, Litre Tins & Touch up Repair Pots

£6.99 - £54.50

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Quantity Discounts1 Pack (1K)
0 - 9 - 400ml£17.49
10 - 49 - 400ml£16.49
50 - 99 - 400ml£15.49
100 - 199 - 400ml£14.49
200 - 499 - 400ml£13.49
500 - 999 - 400ml£12.49
1000 + - 400ml£11.49

Manufacturer: One Stop Aerosols

Product Code: Skoda Car Paint

Availability: In Stock

Price: £6.99 - £54.5 (GBP)

Condition: New

For best results, we recommend 2K clear lacquer be used on surfaces after the top coat paint is applied.

Product Description

Skoda Car Paint is a high-quality aerosol spray paint matched to the exact colour code of your car and is available in 2 different hardness levels 1 Pack (1K) and 2 Pack (2K) litre tins and touch up and repair pots.

Skoda Car Paint aerosol cans come with a unique fan vari-nozzle with a wide and narrow operation switch which delivers HVLP style atomisation, minimal overspray and constant pressure.

We recommend all surfaces to be painted with Skoda Car Paint to be appropriately cleaned, dried and primed with an appropriate primer before the paint is applied.

Please note - Our Skoda Car Paint Aerosols Cans are custom mixed and should be pre-tested before application. We do not take responsibility for any colour difference once you have applied the paint to your surfaces. If the colour is not accurate, please contact us to arrange a return.

Some car paint codes require a first and second coat, both would need to be purchased for a correct colour match. If this is the case WE will contact you via the email address used to place the order.

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